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Registry Replacer FAQ

Postby mreggio » Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:02 pm

Q. How do I perform a Search and Replace on my Registry

  • Set the "Search Key(s)" dropdown box to the key(s) you want to search. For a more restricted search select a Key Type from the dropdown box. DWord and Binary searches are only available in the Registered Version.
  • Type in the string that you want to search for in the "Find" text box.
  • Type in the string that you want to replace with in the "Replace with" box.
  • Set the required options for searching. See Searching Options for more details.
  • Press the Replace Button to start the search and replace.
  • Examine the "Search Results" list for the keys that are found and replaced. The "Status Display" will show the processing of the search and replace system.

Q. How do I connect to the Registry of a Machine on my Network

  • Click on the N button or press ALT-N to bring up the Network Machine Dialog Box.
  • Enter the Name or IP Address of the machine to connect to. Click on the "Connect" button to try and connect to the remote machine.
  • If successful a message with be displayed stating"Default machine set to...."

NOTE: You must have Administrative permissions to the remote machine for you to be able to Scan the Registry

Q. Can I get RegReplace to Search and Delete items in my Registry?

A. Yes, you can change the "Replace" button to a "Delete" button which will then allow you to do a Search and Delete.
  • Go into Options (Click on the O).
  • Select the Search Tab.
  • Enable the "Search and Delete instead of Search and Replace" option
  • Click on Save

  • Ensure that you enter a String into the "Replace With" field otherwise the Delete button will not function
  • If it finds a Value Content that matches, it will delete the Value Name
  • If it finds a Value Name that matches, it will delete the Value Name
  • If it finds a Key Name that matches, it will delete the Key Name and any keys under it.
Q. Why am I getting Access Denied errors when searching my registry?

A.Certain keys are restricted by Windows and will show an "Access Denied" error when searching. Key's like the ones listed below will give you acess denied errors.
  • \SAM\SAM
  • \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Credentials
  • \SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-11CE-BFC1-080002BE10318\Properties

As of 1.3.1+ Registry Replace can attempt to add the current user to have permission to any keys that it does not have access to. You can enable this go to Options -> Search -> "Modify registry security for keys I cannot access".

When running Vista you may need to run the application as an Administrator. (Version 1.2.8+ has UAC support and should resolve any admin privilage issues)
  • Right mouse on regreplace.exe
  • Run as Administrator

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