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Bladesdev News

Postby mreggio » Sun Feb 22, 2009 1:40 pm

22 Dec 2013
- Created new product page for Paranoia
- Re-opened forum registration

21 Dec 2013
- Updated the Bladesdev Forums to new release.
- Performed Website maintenance

15 Aug 2013
Released RegReplace 1.3.1.

8 Jul 2013
Worked on RegReplace 1.3.1.

8 Jul 2013
Released the next version of RegReplace.

27 Oct 2010
Worked on RegReplace over the last few weeks to ensure that it operates correctly on 64-bit operating systems. Also cleaned up and optimised registry functions for a faster Registry Replace experience.

22 Feb 2009
New website launched. I have been busy and have not been able to finalise the new site until now.

10 Dec 2008
Built new web site design. This is a cool design I found out there which I liked and decided to rebuild my site with. It was well overdue and I think it was worth the effort for the change.

01 Dec 2008
Adjusted the RegReplace date expiration code to ensure that RegReplace does not expire pre-maturely as some people had discovered.

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